Our Solution - Smarter HVAC Solution

Today’s Home Environmental Challenges

As the average home size has more than doubled, today’s homeowners face the challenge of constantly rising utility costs for residential energy, while their indoor air quality has continued to decline.
Rising Price Of Residential Energy
Residential Energy


Overall increase in average monthly cost of energy since 2006

On average, half of monthly utility bills are comprised of heating and cooling costs.

Declining Residential Indoor Air Quality

Up to 10x

Greater levels of air pollution are found indoors vs. outdoors

Big House
  1. High levels of particle allergens, ranging from pet dander to dust and pollen, can be 200% higher in super-insulated homes.
  2. Energy-efficient homes with little ventilation can test for high levels of carbon dioxide and chemical pollutants.
  3. High humidity levels create growing conditions for mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  4. 60% of homes are hazardous to occupants’ health, and childhood asthma has increased 160% over 20 years.

Total Flow™

Total Flow is at the heart of the SED solution. The energy performance analysis, air distribution design and installation quality assurance are all performed to ensure that Total Flow meets the energy use guarantee and indoor air quality that SED has been providing its customers for 40 years. Our solution ensures that air flow constantly circulates to provide maximum efficiency and air quality.
SED Total Flow rev2


SED’s design accounts for the required increased air volume in today’s larger homes, and allows for the use of smaller, lower tonnage HVAC equipment with larger blower capacity that can exchange the total air volume every 15 minutes.
To enhance performance, we use our radiant Heat Shield™ barrier on all insulated surfaces which minimizes excess air infiltration and maintains even temperature distribution in the home.
As a result, our efficient Total Flow design delivers the guaranteed lowest utility usage/cost.

Air Quality

Providing enhanced indoor air quality, comfort & dehumidification, our system continually runs airflow 24/7 to constantly circulate air through the air purification filters and the PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation).
The Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) introduces fresh air and reduces contaminants in your home by placing the house under neutral pressure to minimize outside infiltration.
You’ll breathe easier knowing that unseen mold, mildew, and bacteria are virtually eliminating ‐leaving you with cleaner and healthier air.

The SED Difference

  • Lower energy Usage
  • Longer equipment life
  • Increased home value
Air Quality
  • Highest indoor air quality
  • Enhanced Dehumidification
  • Reduced odors
Environmental Impact
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Less equipment required
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee
  • 100% guaranteed Savings
  • Real-time monitoring of savings