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Homes using the SED Total Design™Approach report consistent, high levels of comfort, savings and satisfaction.
Owners: McRae - Youngsville, NC
Heated & Cooled Area: 3,116 esf.
Operating Cost: $59 avg. per month
Testimonials Randall
Owners: Randall - Beaufort, SC
Heated & Cooled Area: 6,124 esf.
Operating Cost: $67 avg. per month
Testimonials Dempsey
Owners: Dempsey - Pinnacle, NC
Heated & Cooled Area: 5,823 esf.
Operating Cost: $32 avg. per month
Testimonials Cannon
Owners: Connon - Ocean Isle, NC
Heated & Cooled Area: 7,125 esf.
Operating Cost: $74 avg. per month
Testimonial Weber
Owners: Weber - Houston, Texas
Heated & Cooled Area: 11,069 esf.
Operating Cost: $126 avg. per month
Testimonials Fernando
Owners: Fernandes - Lebanon, NJ
Heated & Cooled Area: 10,279 esf.
Operating Cost: $76 avg. per month

Notes: Operating cost based on National Average ($0.09/kwh); Equivalent sq. ft. = house volume divided by average ceiling height of 8 ft.

Customer Testimonials

No company in the field of building energy science is more conscientious and consumer oriented than you, and few know what it takes to make a building perform as it should.
- David, Lake Lure, NC
I’ve had numerous meetings with building inspectors and contractors, and all are amazed at the quality of your system and convinced that this technology is the pinnacle of the future of HVAC systems for residential projects.
- Jerry, Mebane, NC
We’ve used your systems on three different projects and the results have been astounding! There has been a significant reduction in our heating and cooling cost at our beach house. More importantly, the temperature is uniform throughout the house, regardless of the season, and the house has a clean, comfortable feel. The days of hot upstairs bedrooms in the summer are over.
- Tom and Frieda, Wilmington, NC
Since purchasing the home, I’ve been impressed with the quality of HVAC system, insulation and energy consumption. Our 6,000 square foot home is 100% electric and very cost effective ─ with a 67% reduction in electric consumption after your work. We love the house, admire its efficiency and are overly impressed with SED’s commitment to customer service, quality, and professionalism.
- Ed, Wellesley, MA

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