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The SED Lifetime Energy Performance Guarantee

Scientific Environmental Design, Inc. offers an unparalleled 100% guarantee, providing complete assurance that SED’s unique HVAC design will deliver on the projected energy usage savings.

SED guarantees to the original owner and future homeowner, for the lifetime of the structure, that the annual energy consumption for operation of the heating and air conditioning system for the Certified SED home will not exceed the guaranteed energy usage as determined by the SED Analysis, or we’ll pay the difference!

Note: The SED guarantee is based on current energy rates, and is subject to a Lifetime Guarantee Contract that includes certain affirmative maintenance duties of the homeowner

SED is the only company in our industry providing a free performance guarantee for your home heating and cooling energy cost. And we’ve been doing it for over 37 years, with 100% success!
To provide our customers with worry-free climate control, our system includes:
  • Dedicated, Accurate Measurement: The total energy consumption for heating and cooling is determined for each 12 month period by the SED Total Flow remote monitoring system installed on the heating and cooling units.
  • 100% Risk-Free Assurance: For heating and cooling energy consumption in excess of the annual guaranteed level, SED will pay the owner the difference between the guaranteed usage and the actual energy used. To date, we have never had to pay on a guarantee.
  • Real-Time Intelligence: With our WIFI-enabled system, owners can remotely monitor the energy consumption of the HVAC system, modes of operation, and receive notification if there is a potential system problem anywhere, anytime.
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