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What We Do

Scientific Environmental Design, Inc. (SED) is an energy efficiency leader specializing in the design and technology for residential heating and cooling (HVAC) systems. Our solution provides the most efficient, comfortable and cleanest indoor environment available to today’s sophisticated homeowner and their family.

SED provides its customers with a guaranteed HVAC energy cost savings for their home, which is measurable in real-time via WIFI technology. Over 37 years, we have designed thousands of systems with a 100% success rate.

Our History

Founded in 1978 by Harry Boody as Energy Innovations, the company has grown and evolved into today’s only residential HVAC design provider that offers a 100% energy performance guarantee.

Harry graduated from the Piedmont Aerospace Institute, and his early career path led to working as an engineer in the television industry, where he developed a passion for energy conservation during the 1970s energy crisis. Harry and his wife bought an "energy efficient" model for their first home in 1978, and were stunned when the energy bills were three times the builder’s estimate. "Back then, there was no definition of energy efficiency. Our builder said if I didn’t like my heating and cooling system, I should develop a better one. That is exactly what I decided to do."

Harry spent two and half years conducting research, Harry found that while the data needed to create a better HVAC system existed, there was no link between academia and builders – and somebody simply needed to build that bridge. Harry concluded that if the HVAC system design and insulation could match the source to the home’s load, then a truly efficient structure could be built. He convinced a co-worker to let him test his theory by installing the HVAC system in her new 1,600 square foot home. By increasing the CFMs and slowing down the air velocity, he proved he could create warmer air with less equipment. "Fortunately, I had no HVAC experience, so I didn’t know my ideas were revolutionary." A year later, his co-worker’s home was not only comfortable, but her heating and cooling energy bills were less than $14 per month.

That first installation led to the formation of Energy Innovations, followed by scores of honors including two Governor’s Energy Achievement Awards including 1st and 2nd place ASHRAE International Energy Technology Awards. This evolved into his ability to guarantee HVAC energy usage, and to date he has never written a guarantee refund check.

This success led to installations across 11 states including the largest new home in NC (40,000 sq. ft. with maximum of $391 per month). His designs are in the homes of NASCAR legends, including Joe Gibbs, Ernie Ivan, Dale Jarrett, Ward Burton, Bobby Labonte, Terry Labonte, Joe Neimachek, Todd Bodine, and Richard Childress. Harry’s track record proves you really can conserve energy and enjoy positive cash flow payback without sacrificing comfort.

In 2016, Mr. Boody and a team of investors and management partners to launch Scientific Environmental Design, Inc. The new company has combined Harry’s decades of experience with their technology and design expertise to deliver the SED service nationwide.

Vision and Mission


To see all homes built with the most efficient, sustainable and cost effective HVAC energy systems.


To provide our customers with the lowest cost of ownership for their HVAC systems through the application of proven design methods that result in the highest efficiency, comfort and air quality for the 21st century home.

Our Team

Harry Boody
Harry Boody

Founder and Technologist

  • Founder and President of Energy Innovations by Harry Boody, Inc., the predecessor company that provided the foundation for SED’s solutions.
  • Multi-International Technology Award Recipient for "Outstanding Achievement in HVAC Design" from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers [ASHRAE].
  • Recipient of two Governor’s Awards for "Excellency in Energy Efficiency" and the National Energy User News First Place Award for "Excellence and Innovation in Energy Efficiency and Building Management."
William Millis
William Millis

CEO and Director

  • Bill has high level management expertise and very successful results for "start-up" ventures.
  • His experience with Adams-Millis Corporation, and its subsequent merger with Sara Lee Corporation, will provide valuable insight on how to create value and sell at the right moment.
  • With Bill’s talents in business and his philanthropic approach to life, he has served on many boards and contributed many hours to his community and other national endeavors.
  • Graduate of Clemson University with a BS in Economics and Accounting.